JACQUELOT PE has developed and implemented a Management System of Quality dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers and focused on continuous improvement of the quality of its services. This quality approach was successful in obtaining and maintaining certification EN 9100 and ISO 9001.

JACQUELOT PE is, for over 80 years, French specialist in the design and manufacturing of Electronic Packagings intended for hostile environments. For all these years, Customer confidence of the military and industrial equipment sector in JACQUELOT PE has allowed it to become a preferred supplier.

JACQUELOT PE, both Design office and workshop brings together a wide range of skills:

  • Mechanics, Materials, Electronics and Radio Frequency for Design office,
  • Systems Integration, Packaging, Cabling-integration, antenna systems for workshops.

This allows JACQUELOT PE an internal global management of your projects in complex regulatory and legislative environments.

Certificat ISO 9001 2008
Certificat EN 9100 2009