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Defence and security

Active for more than 80 years, the Jacquelot PE teams have today the skills to address the majority of industrial sectors. Historically present in the Defense and Security segment, the expertise of Jacquelot PE is also recognized for these interventions for the Aeronautics, Medical or Industrial sectors.

Jacquelot PE has a long history of research and development in the field of aeronautics and space, and brings its expertise to the development programs of all major European players in this sector. Working with large industrial actors as CNES, AIRBUS, THALES or SAFRAN for many years, Jacquelot PE services contribute to numerous onboard or ground equipment.

With its strong multidisciplinary expertise (mechanical, physical modeling, calculation and simulation, electronics, materials, microwave), Jacquelot PE activities are applied to many areas. These range from the definition of the specifications to high-tech equipment manufacturing (innovative, integrated electronics, ground equipment, geo-localization ...).

Jacquelot PE puts its experience and its capacity for innovation in the service of Defense (land, air and sea) and security by providing expertise on systems development projects dedicated to surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance, communication or combat systems. Heavily involved in innovation for these customers and defense interests, Jacquelot PE multidisciplinary teams constantly innovate to meet the most ambitious projects.

Recognized partner of public and private industrial masters of works and largest contractors, Jacquelot PE offers study services and expertise, as well as design and manufacture of high-performance equipment, worldwide.

Research, innovation and development of new equipment is at the heart of business of the Health industry. From a long history in the fields of defense where reliability and safety of constrained environments equipment is a constant obsession, Jacquelot PE has put its experience at the service of research projects, development and production of ever more sophisticated equipment. Innovation to e-health issues brings obvious questions in communication system and compatibility of wireless systems. Jacquelot PE arranges state-of-the-art skills regarding electromagnetic compatibility applied to the human body, so that innovation remains mastered and forward-looking.

The Office of Study brings together the skills of doctors and engineers needed to support multidisciplinary projects including: Mechanics, Materials, Electronics and Microwave.

Digital and wireless communication invaded our daily with modularity and flexibility of systems increasingly important with reduces time between the design and marketing of a product on the market.
Jacquelot PE integrates internal skills and resources to support these customers from definition phases and needs study to serial industrialization phase and even MCO and life series, this seamless integration coupled with its flexible and modular organization can meet the expectations of today's industries and invent tomorrow's.